MiserWare, Inc. 2009-2013

Branding, User Interface Design, Web and Print Design

My first job out of school was with MiserWare, a startup producing energy-management software.

I was originally brought on as a freelancer to develop an identity system around the existing name under which they had incorporated the company. After the conclusion of our initial contract, however, MiserWare hired me full-time as their brand manager and sole graphic designer.

For the original logo I used Blender and Adobe Illustrator to create complementary full-color and graphic one-color versions of the world-coin logo concept. As a salaried employee I created collateral documents, a style guide, and design branding and UI for future software projects.

Miserware Coin Logo
Miserware Logo One Color

As designer at MiserWare I was responsible for the visual branding, web design, and user interface for three software packages: Granola, FatBatt, and Hafcaf, as well as a number of internal projects and pitches.