Hayduke Foundation Posters 2008

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Hayduke Foundation Poster

Edward Abbey was an American environmentalist author who died in the 1980s. His most famous novel, The Monkey-Wrench Gang, is the story of a group of citizens and saboteurs attempting to shut down the development of the western deserts. The name of the main character, George Washington Hayduke, was adapted from the Balkan hajduk, romantic bandits in the mold of England’s Robin Hood who preyed on the unjust.

This series of posters was created for an assignment promoting a fictional nonprofit. I invented the Hayduke Foundation, dedicated to fostering a spirit of independent thought and self-authority. The monkey-wrench is an appropriate symbol as it is simultaneously a weapon and a tool of repair. I lightly referenced constructivist themes and repeated the monkey-wrench imagery in both the illustration and logotype.

Hayduke Foundation Logo

These posters are particularly rich in symbols. A red band which confines the illustration at the bottom of each piece represents the inherently violent system into which we are all born and out of which, like the illustration, we must try and expand ourselves. The white field outside is freedom of thought and total self-responsibility — the peaceful ideal of enlightened anarchy free of the need for institutionalized violence and robbery. The wrenches all have open jaws and face forward — as tools to fix what’s broken, instead of bludgeons to break what works.

Hayduke Foundation Posters
Hayduke Foundation Posters

This series was featured in Matter Literary Journal, Issue 13 and awarded first place in the 2008 Northwestern State University Student Show.