Hafcaf 2011

Branding, User Interface Design, Web Design

Hafcaf was another of MiserWare's situationally-aware laptop power projects. To quote the creator, Joseph Turner:

Hafcaf aims to polish off these rough edges, letting you get the most out of your battery without having to bang your head against a wall. It can integrate with your webcam, knowing you’re there rather than guessing based on how long ago you moved the mouse. It lets you specify rules that are situational, things like ‘when these programs are running, keep the monitor on’ or ‘don’t go to sleep if my network usage is above 50kb/s’. By knowing more about what is going on, and specifically about what you are doing, it makes power management work around you rather that against you. And unlike Granola, it is built from the very beginning with you, the individual user, in mind.

I created the Hafcaf logo entirely within Illustrator and Photoshop.

Hafcaf Logo
Hafcaf Interface Badges

Hafcaf also represented one of our early attempts at gamifying the idea of power management. We developed and designed a number of "merit badges" around the specific steps that would result in the most power-efficient laptop possible.