Granola 2010-2013

Branding, User Experience, Web Design, Icons, Print Design, Email Design

Granola Logo With Tagline

Granola is MiserWare's flagship software suite, and consists of a pay-what-you-will consumer version and a licensed commercial version for enterprises. Since its launch on Earth Day 2010, Granola has been downloaded by more than 350,000 people. In 2012 we had a booth at CES to promote Granola.

Granola has been featured in:

  • Time
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Lifehacker
  • PC Magazine
  • Treehugger
  • Greener Computing
Granola Windows Interface

I was responsible for visually branding Granola, and designing its user interface, icons, marketing email design, and website. In addition to the core system application, a large part of Granola's functionality is a web dashboard, used to both control the software and view the aggregate results from many machines.

The Granola Dashboard is a tablet-ready webapp for controlling the energy-saving settings of large installations of Granola, as well as using a software metering algorithm to estimate energy consumption of each machine.

  • Granola Dash Footprint
  • Granola Dashboard Scheduler
  • Granola Dashboard Manager