FatBatt 2011

Branding, User Interface Design, Web Design


"...a heavy dose of style that makes using the software a pleasure."
Jim Norris, PC World

FatBatt is mobile-centric power management software designed to improve usable battery life by adjusting energy consumption requirements according to demand.

The main benefit of FatBatt is its easily-accessed and intuitive interface. CPU Performance boundaries, backlight brightness, and automatic location-aware transitions between settings can all be changed with only a few clicks.

A novel graph view shows past and present battery status, and a projection for future runtime based on past performance. I also created a companion website, the FatBatt Fifty, that ranked notebook computers and smartphones by comparing their price to manufacturer- and user-reported battery life estimates.

Fatbatt Interface
Fatbatt Script

I created custom lettering for the FatBatt wordmark, and modeled and rendered the logo using a combination of Blender, Illustrator, and Photoshop.