Doc Lee's Whiskey 2008

Branding & Package Design

Doc Lee's Whiskey

I created the concept and design for this (fictional) brand of whiskey. From the back:

In early fall of 1887, a young country veterinarian disappeared into his cellar with some copper tubing and a big bag of corn. Two weeks later, he emerged bearing the very first batch of Lee’s Snake-Bite Remedy.

Now, some things have changed since then and some never will. We no longer bottle our whiskey raw; we age it gracefully in rich oaken casks. We still use fabled Kentucky springwater, but we now recommend you seek a doctor in the event of snake-bite (just in case.)

No one knows just why Lee’s Snake-Bite Remedy, Anti-Septic, Solvent and Universal Panacea is such an effective cure-all. Some speculate it’s the blend of grains that starts with 75% American corn. Others have claimed the exceptionally long aging period, or 100 proof alcohol content. Only Doc Lee knows for sure, and he’s passed out on the table.

The dark green bottle is based on reclaimed patent medicine bottles from the turn of the last century, and the label is printed in bright yellow-orange on a translucent plastic film. The top is corked, dipped in matching wax and stamped with an “L” to impart a feeling of exclusivity while retaining the modern-antique aesthetic.